Wall Art For Living Room Walls

Wall art can elevate your living room space and draw guests’ attention, but selecting what to display can be challenging.

Discover something different than traditional framed art! Objects such as cacti prints or charcoal images make an interesting and stylish statement.

Lean objects against a wall for an informal look; surfboards make great casual wall decor pieces.

Abstract art

Introduction of large wall art pieces can instantly elevate any living room. Select prints that balance contemporary minimalist aesthetics with major style impact; an ideal option is line art pieces that emulate hand illustration and have recently experienced an upsurge in popularity; these prints provide just enough seduction and sophistication in one look!

An abstract painting can bring magic and emotions into the home, striking an emotional chord with viewers through lines, shapes and colors.

Abstract paintings that create harmony for the eye feature a combination of complementary colors and textures that provide visual pleasure. They can also be displayed next to matching furniture and decor items for optimal effect; additionally they may even be framed by murals for further depth in any given space.

Cactus prints

Cactus prints make an excellent accent piece for desert-themed homes or modern interior design schemes, adding character and an originality that would otherwise go unnoticed. Cacti prints also look fantastic in living rooms, dining areas and offices/studies alike!

Cacti can add an air of spirituality and protection in your home. Their sharp spines may serve as guardians, shielding it from bad luck and misfortunes.

Online retailers offer an assortment of cactus prints. Some feature desert landscapes dotted with subdued colored cacti, while others come framed in rustic wood frames for contrast. You may also come across surreal cacti art which goes beyond realism to unlock your imagination; such artwork may seem strange at first, yet can provide powerful ways of expressing emotions and conveying messages.

Subtly-colored paintings

As part of your living room wall decor, why not consider hanging an artistic tapestry? Not only will it add texture and liveliness, but also provide balance to any blank spots in the room.

An easy way to animate living room walls is with framed plants. As seen here in a chic rustic living space, cascading greenery looks exquisite when mounted against built-ins and flanked by sconces.

If you prefer a more minimalist approach, frame several paintings together and arrange them on a wall gallery to form your own gallery wall. Select paintings that feature similar hues for an aesthetic balance and lean artwork against it for a relaxing vibe. Contrasting colors like orange and blue can create high contrast relationships like this Vermeer painting by drawing attention to specific areas within its canvas.

Charcoal images

Your living room doesn’t need to be all one color; large wall art can still make a statement with its bold visuals. Consider charcoal images to bring texture and add an edge.

For an earthier aesthetic, pair charcoal with natural tones such as orange, green or wood for an attractive yet rustic atmosphere. This color combination creates an intimate space while still feeling sophisticated.

Charcoal images can make an excellent focal point above your fireplace, from beach pictures framed and hanging to photos edited through beFunky that can instantly turn photos into charcoal drawings in just a few clicks! Your living room will instantly feel more artistic and inviting.


Maps add color and style to living room walls. A colorful map of Paris may remind viewers of their favorite cafe or walk along the Seine river. Furthermore, wooden world map wall decor creates a modern appearance.

Wooden maps make a beautiful statement piece in black glass frames. Use one above your sofa, or pair two smaller maps together for balance. Also consider these pieces for their multifunctional properties: many come equipped with small pins or tags to mark places you have been or want to visit in future visits.

Map art in your dining room can serve as a daily reminder of all your travels and encourage further adventures. Just make sure that it fits the space appropriately – otherwise it might take over!

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