Tips for Creating a Luxurious Bathroom Retreat at Home

Transform your bathroom into a daily destination for luxurious self-care, where you can kick back and indulge. Add some gorgeous fixtures and fittings for the spa experience, stock it with sumptuous towels and candles, don a luxurious robe, and you have both comfort and sophistication.

Details can make such a big statement in any room, from a striking tub to frosted windows that allow for natural light and privacy at the same time to pull it all together.

Choose Luxurious Materials

If you are designing any posh bathroom, then, buying expensive hard woods from which you will make your floor and even your cabinets will be one of the most important considerations. For example, elegant tile work with expensive sheen finishes will also greatly contribute to final look of your bathroom. For instance, throwing a bar of marble or even granite into your counter tops might serve as a touch of dignity in bathroom’s interior design.

Soft textiles are probably the first thing that comes to one’s mind in terms of creating a spa-like bathroom. Whether it be fluffy rugs on the floor, large fluffy bath towels, and even bubble baths, this is perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable way to breathe some zen spirit into any bathroom.

A statement bathtub in your bathroom is an excellent way to create a spa feel – and the opportunity to chill out in style. Choose from freestanding tubs, large whirlpool tubs and elements that bring texture into the space, such as natural wood and stone. Furnishing the space with statement features will also facilitate the creation of a relaxed atmosphere: bring life into the room with houseplants. Not only do they look great and create a sense of calm, they also purify the air.

Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Turn your bathroom into an opulent oasis with high-end finishes and fixtures, and use spa-like blue and green shades for added relaxation.

If you want to incorporate some natural charm and warmth in your bathroom, adding a wooden touch might be the way to go. You can install a wooden vanity, or add some wooden details such as soap dispensers, bath mats, or maybe even a wooden towel rack.

Buy expensive absorbent towels: Tuck them into neat rolls for display purposes. Purchase and install towel warmer rack ($165 at Bed Bath Beyond ) as a finishing touch. Your guest will love towelling off and wrapping themselves in one.

Another simple way that people start setting the ambient resting mood would be by decreasing stress with soothing scents such as eucalyptus, lavender or jasmine diffusers or candles. Therefore, diffusers or candles with the said aromas will help the atmosphere freshen, calm and create the perfect resting setting.

Incorporate High-End Fixtures

When designing your own home spa, it’s critical to provide fixtures that enable a high end look and feel, from freestanding tubs and oversized vanities from the finest materials to lighting fixtures that would make any royal jealous.

Lighting is also an important factor in getting the ‘spa’ feel of the bathroom. Recessed lighting will not only ensure that the room looks sleek and chic, but will also help avoid unpleasant shadows and glare that can detract from relaxation.

Throw in some heated floors with indoor towel warmers and each visit will feel elevated, quickly turning the space into a comforting and welcoming area. Set the mood with a sound system installed within recessed niches, and of course, pops of colour and greenery all play a role in transforming any ordinary bathroom into a designer oasis. Can you spot the art and greenery in the gallery featured above?

Add Personal Touches

Finally, add in personal touches including fresh luxe robes and plush towels with decorative details that reflect your style to help make the space more spa-like, while also becoming your own personal oasis. Keeping the space tidy and minimising visual clutter will help you remain focused on your spa experience; storing your bath items, from rolling-stick bath-and-body sets in easy-to-reach cabinet organisers to decorative baskets or furniture, will also make cleaning easier and faster.

Bring natural plant elements into the humidity and heat of the bathroom so that these plants will enrich the experience of relaxation and bring a natural longevity to the experience. 369 Words: Plant choices for the bathroom should be suited to the warm humidity found in this environment and should bring an element of nature that could enliven the relaxing experience a person may be looking for in this setting. 426 Words: In the bathroom, plant choices for the environment can be used to enhance the experience of relaxation and possibly enhance the longevity of the experience due to the warmth and humidity that plants enjoy in this setting.

Luxury towel racks and radiators will feature warming drawers, where towels can be thoroughly warmed when freshly laundered. A perfect addition to at-home pampering, envision tepid, freshly laundered towels emerging from the heated dryer and then receiving a fresh shot of gold-plated warmth, ready for your ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in the luxury of your own home.

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