Top 5 Bathroom Flooring Choices

Flooring selection typically depends on aesthetic considerations alone in most parts of the home; performance comes second. But in the bathroom, performance must come first.

Bathroom floors must be waterproof to withstand water damage without looking unattractive, and there are various waterproof flooring solutions that make for ideal splash zones.


Vinyl bathroom floors have long been a favorite. If you choose luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or plank, they can appear almost indistinguishable from stone or wood flooring, plus they’re waterproof and easy to maintain compared to tiling, which requires time-intensive grouting processes and costly materials. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) or planks offer even greater realism! They make the perfect alternative solution.

LVT and vinyl roll flooring materials are soft underfoot and warmer than stone or ceramic tile flooring options, offering an array of designs, patterns, and colours to meet every taste and design aesthetic. Furthermore, these flooring solutions tend to dent less frequently than rigid core vinyl sheets while remaining completely water resistant in many instances.

Be mindful that vinyl and many reputable hardwood brands contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While VOCs can be harmful to humans and pets over time, most reputable manufacturers now employ eco-friendly production processes and offer partial or complete recycling for reduced environmental impacts as well as greater resale values of their home products.

Ceramic Tiles

Tile offers versatile and sleek design options, whether you opt for glazed porcelain, ceramic, or stone lookalike tiles. Tile’s impervious to moisture, stain-resistance, resistance to bacteria or odor absorption, as well as heat retention properties can help warm floors in cold weather. You can select from an array of sizes and colors or keep things simple with standard subway tiles depending on your budget.

One potential drawback of tile can be its slippery nature in the shower area, although you may be able to combat this with textured tiles or by installing radiant heating underneath its surface.

Linoleum flooring offers another great choice, available in numerous patterns that mimic wood or stone for added style. Made of ecofriendly recycled materials, linoleum can also be easily adhered to the subfloor and installed quickly and efficiently – an ideal option if your old home still features original linoleum.

Natural Stones

An elegant natural stone bathroom can transform an ordinary room into an exquisite retreat. From shower floors to vanity tops, walls, and backsplashes – natural stone adds beauty, elegance, and value to any home.

Natural stones have the power to bring nature directly into our living spaces and add an eternal connection between man and nature. From slate and marble to travertine and onyx, natural stones have the potential to turn any bathroom into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Stone is an eco-friendly building material. If treated properly and sealed properly, it could outlive many other materials by decades.

Although many homeowners prefer one specific kind of stone flooring for their floors, it can often look stunning to mix different varieties together. For instance, an airy and pitted travertine tile could look incredible next to a more polished and refined marble option.

Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood floors are timeless classics that, with proper care and maintenance, can outlive their predecessors for decades. Unfortunately, however, their lifespan is often limited by moisture issues; solid wood cannot adapt as quickly to humidity changes as other materials do.

Engineered wood floors, which feature solid layers of real wood laminated to plywood core layers, have an advanced construction that allows them to withstand changing temperatures and levels of humidity – an advantage ideal for bathrooms.

Oak, particularly white oak), and cedar are ideal species for bathroom applications due to their closed tyloses that restrict how much water penetrates into their surfaces, thus helping prevent mold and mildew growth. To keep hardwood flooring looking its best over time, its finish should be applied regularly – this helps prevent moisture damage caused by humidity; using waterproof finishes such as H2OME City Spa Collection makes this task simpler while protecting its beauty.

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