Stylish and Functional Living Room Layout Ideas

Cramming furniture against walls can make a room feel small and cramped. To open up visual space, pull pieces away from the wall slightly and gather them around a coffee table for more visual space.

Introduce splashes of color into your living room design to inject personality and interest. In this example, cool blue hues used sparingly in pillows and throws create an eye-catching yet functional aesthetic.


A foyer acts as the welcoming point for guests entering your living space and sets the atmosphere for its contents. No matter whether it’s grand or modest in scale, there are ways you can make it look stylish while remaining functional.

Foyer layouts provide an ideal opportunity to show off family photographs, travel souvenirs and unique sculptures that represent you personally while adding warmth and character to the space.

If your home has an open concept layout, create visual separation by arranging furniture away from the front door or building walls separating your living room and foyer. This will allow you to open all doors fully without hindering pathways or hitting furniture or decor items with them.

Add raised panel wainscoting for an elegant foyer design. This is an easy way to add texture and dimension, so if your foyer is rather small consider decorating it with larger pieces such as furniture and decor such as tree stump coffee tables, light wood accent chairs and botanical art that give an airy yet inviting feel. Designer Devin Kirk created just such an environment using tree stump coffee tables, light wood accent chairs and botanical artwork in her foyer design.

Living Room

Your living room is where many of life’s precious moments take place and an opportunity to express your personal style. Play around with textures, colors and patterns for an eclectic yet sophisticated atmosphere. Add warmth and character with special pieces such as fringed pendant lamps or ornate gold frames decorated with retro trinkets or Scandinavian furniture.

If your living room is small, moving the furniture away from the wall helps open up space. This arrangement enables more people to sit around a sofa while still leaving enough space for a TV in front of it and multiple chairs directly across it – EHD Design Team alumni Mel perfectly implemented this layout in her quaint space with breathtaking views!

If your living room serves as an entryway, consider using a console to divide the space or create an open vibe through mirror wall use. This approach can prevent guests from accidentally bumping into chairs and sofas as they navigate the room.

Dining Room

Furniture layout can have a tremendous effect on traffic in an open-plan living space, which means furniture layout is crucial to its function. Instead of pushing all your pieces against the walls, try floating pieces throughout the room so that pathways are created between pieces; this creates a softer and more spacious appearance in your living room as seen here in this room designed by Nicola O’Mara.

An arrangement in which a sofa faces towards both areas creates a simple separation between functional areas. This arrangement enables multiple seating options in the living area while serving as a visual link between both zones.

For an open-plan living room dining combo that doesn’t look cluttered, make sure that there is ample storage for dining and lounge furnishings. Tyler Karu Design + Interiors’ solution was a wall-mounted curio cabinet placed behind the sofa – keeping both seating areas free from clutter while creating an eye-catching aesthetic with matching console tables and lamps.


Designing your living room to reflect how you live is key when creating a space that truly suits your lifestyle. Whether you want an intimate gathering spot or somewhere for entertaining guests, these furniture layouts, paint colors and design statements can help.

An accent wall made of slats or board and batten can create an instantly elevated aesthetic in any living space, marrying contemporary home design with traditional elements. Pair this texture with Scandinavian or modular sofas, antique cinema seating, vintage trunks and vases filled with fresh or dried flowers for a dynamic yet harmonious design scheme.

Don’t be intimidated by large sofas if you have the room – as long as they don’t overwhelm the room and restrict walking paths or limit storage options. Emily Henderson Design created an inviting living room featuring an ample sofa that serves as the centerpiece for this living space, paired with an understated midcentury-style credenza to house TV, decorative objects, and TV itself without overcrowding the floor.

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