Outdoor Furniture Ideas for a Stylish Patio or Garden

Outdoor furniture ideas can introduce a touch of fun into your garden. Look for curvy pieces like round lounge chairs or a curved table to add visual interest.

Choose bold hues for chairs, tables and planters to brighten up dark garden spaces. Vivid hues also work well when paired with flower gardens ideas that feature vibrant blooms.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor living is a huge draw to homebuyers but too often, the patio or deck furniture gets pushed to the back of the design considerations. The right seating, decor, and accent tables can make the patio or garden a unique retreat that’s just as livable as the inside of the house.

Rather than simply matching your dining table chairs to the backyard plantings, you may wish to complement them with modern patio furniture that’s made of weather-resistant materials like aluminum and concrete. For example, the Lucca collection by Bridgehampton offers sectionals and sofas crafted from durable metal with powder-coated finishes that resist damage from rain and sun. Or, choose lounge pieces from the same collection, such as the reclining lounge chair or the rocking chairs, which can be used for relaxation and to add visual interest to a patio layout.

An outdoor rug helps tie the space together, providing a softer surface for sitting and protecting the deck or patio from spills and scratches. Choose from a wide array of designs, colors and patterns, including Moroccan, southwestern and boho styles to match the look of your furniture and decor.

When determining how to arrange outdoor furniture, consider adding an accent piece like a hammock or swing. The gentle rocking movement soothes babies and adults and sets the mood for relaxing R&R.

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time lounging on your patio, opt for an outdoor sectional sofa with configurable seats and ample armrests for comfort. Or, go with lounge chairs that give the same feeling as a chaise by the pool — this contemporary boho look is a Decorilla designer favorite.

When shopping for patio furniture, check the sale racks in late summer and early fall to score discounts on out-of-season items. And, if you’re going with wood seating, consider a weather-resistant finish. For example, a stained oak finish looks great with rustic and traditional patio designs, while a natural finish or gray weathered oak look is ideal for transitional styles.

Indoor/Outdoor Pillows

Whether you have a cozy sectional or just one chair, outdoor pillows make it easy to transform any patio or garden into a comfortable and welcoming lounging area. And because they’re so versatile, they can be switched out with other colors and patterns as the seasons change. Vivid hues like sunny yellows, azure blues and rich oranges work beautifully for spring and summer while muted neutrals and soft pastels add a cozy, autumnal look.

There are lots of ways to incorporate pillows into your patio or garden decor, but the easiest is to match them to the chairs or sofas in your space. This set of two patio cushions from Haven Way comes in a set of colors that coordinate with most furniture styles, and they also have the added benefit of being weather-resistant. This is especially important because it means that they’ll be able to stand up to things like rain, harsh UV rays and even spills or other accidents.

If you’re interested in getting an even more coordinated look with your patio pillows, check out this set from Pottery Barn. This set is available in a dozen different colors, making it simple to find a shade that will match your patio furniture and other accessories. It’s also made from durable Sunbrella fabric, which is resistant to mold, mildew and other stains, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by the elements.

If you’re wondering how many pillows you should have on your patio, Higgins recommends that you start with an odd number. She says that this will give your seating area a more modern look. She also suggests using a combination of solid and patterned pillows to create balance and symmetry in your seating area. For example, if you have an L-shaped sofa, she suggests placing three of the pillows in the middle and two on either end of the sofa for a balanced aesthetic.

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