Landscaping for Curb Appeal – Boosting Your Home’s First Impression

Transform the look of your home with innovative landscaping ideas from Pennington. From premium grass seed and lawn & garden products, to inspiring emails and expert resources – everything you need to turn heads at home can be found right here!

Start with a lush, green lawn. Next, incorporate colorful plantings that match your house color into the design scheme.

Flower Beds

Flower beds are one of the easiest and simplest ways to enhance your property’s curb appeal, making a statement about who lives there and their style of living. Choose blooms that thrive in your area while adapting the height accordingly; low-growing flowers such as alyssum, petunias and lobelia make for ideal additions near garden beds while taller blooms such as marigolds and hollyhocks complement steps leading up to your doorway or along your fence perfectly.

An ideal front-of-house garden should provide visitors with an intuitive path leading to the entryway. Planting trees to frame entranceways or creating a welcoming path framed with shrubs and perennials that leads to it are all great ways to do just this.

When selling your house, select fast-growing trees that add beauty and shade as they grow, such as crape myrtles, quaking aspens or river birches. These types of trees offer attractive fall colors while still providing quick returns.

Planters and Window Boxes

Curb appeal is something we’ve all come across and seen featured on television, but how can it apply to your own property? You might be amazed to discover it’s easier than you think: often only a few quick projects are needed to transform its appearance.

Make the first impression with an eye-catching display by placing plants and flowers in window boxes or planters to add curb appeal at your front door. A vibrantly planted window box or planter also draws the eye away from other plantings in your yard and serves to enhance its colors while drawing in visitors to visit further parts of your lawn.

Remember that potential buyers might not be as interested in elaborate gardens that require significant upkeep; so select flower colors that don’t clog up walkways with petals and seed pods. Red-centered starlike bromeliads and “Red Hot” geraniums make an eye-catching contrast with maroon cordyline spikes, deep purple heuchera leaves, pink begonias and trailing “Outback Sunset” golden globes.


An attractive fence can add the perfect finishing touch to any landscape and increase curb appeal. From classic white picket fencing to more modern styles, fences make a statement and leave lasting first impressions with visitors. Children can play freely in the yard without worrying about wandering off or being injured by traffic; families with pets will also appreciate having fences around their yards for easier pet playtime!

Fences can be an affordable way to add curb appeal and increase property values, although they will need regular upkeep. Wood fences should be stained and sealed regularly, as well as painted to match your design aesthetic or reflect seasonal events; lighting effects can further transform their appearance at nighttime ambiance. According to studies, landscaping, which includes fences as an element, increases property value – so a decorative fence won’t just draw more people to your property, it may even help sell it later when selling time arrives!


An attractive seating area can add great curb appeal to any home. From an inviting wooden bench to an entrance pergola, such an area will entice passersby to stop and look closer at what lies before them.

Planting beds can add color and texture to the front of your property. When selecting plants for planting beds, keep in mind they should complement rather than compete with your home’s architecture; an experienced landscaper can guide you in choosing appropriate species that complement its architecture.

No need to break the bank in order to improve your home’s curb appeal! Small projects, such as painting your shutters and cleaning out the driveway can make a substantial impactful statement about how much care is taken with its appearance. For bigger projects, add new entry doors, updated house numbers or attractive light fixtures – these landscaping ideas will not only add beauty but will increase its value if ever sold; plus landscape enhancements add quality of life benefits!

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