How to Choose the Best Appliances for Your Kitchen

Make your kitchen into the ideal workspace by investing in modern appliances that save time and help you master new recipes. From spiralizers that create veggie noodles to high-powered processors that chop, grind and mix – there is something here for every chef’s culinary journey!

Make the right appliance selection by considering style, feature, quality and finish options. While stainless steel remains the go-to finish choice for appliances, you also have black or white options available to you.

High-End Brands

Luxury kitchen appliances provide features that enhance your quality of life, from longer lifespans and customization options to being an excellent selling point in your home and often adding value.

Over 135 years have passed since Francesco Bertazzoni established Bertazzoni and their innovative cooking appliances have continued to follow his principles ever since. Today they provide ovens, gas, electric and induction cooktops, ventilation hoods, dishwashers as well as modular refrigeration and wine storage units – just to name a few products available from this cutting-edge brand.

Established in 1899, German manufacturer Miele stands out among luxury brands for its stringent manufacturing standards and commitment to sustainability and innovation. Their flagship product line Generation 7000 features innovative appliances such as motion and gesture control, touchless cleaning functions and the Dialog Oven.

Mid-Range Brands

Some brands provide you with mid-range price range options, allowing you to customize your appliances according to your aesthetic. GE Appliances, for instance, offers various handle and bezel choices so you can match your personal aesthetic – as well as stainless steel and matte black finishes!

Monogram, another top luxury brand, takes inspiration from aeronautics and automotive industries when crafting its appliances. Their professional line features several innovations like unscratchable sapphire glass cooktops as well as commercial grade stainless steel refrigerators.

Whirlpool has a rich heritage in making appliances, with their current focus being energy-efficient designs to reduce utility bills and repair costs. Their kitchen appliances include stoves, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and more; known for their sleek modern appearance and smart home integration. Most products come with warranties; however they recommend professional installation as well as following their guidelines for maintenance to extend its longevity as much as possible.

Budget Brands

Your kitchen appliances play a crucial role in daily life. Selecting the appropriate appliances depends on a number of factors such as lifestyle, budget and aesthetic considerations – be they professional grade appliances or standard ones. There will always be one brand that meets all of these criteria perfectly!

GE Appliances have long been trusted providers of reliable and cost-effective appliances for home users. From fridges and dishwashers, warming drawers, trash compactors and much more.

LG prioritizes innovation by adding features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smart-home integration into its appliances, however these upgrades may increase prices of certain models from LG.

Cafe, established in 2018, is an impressive newcomer to the market that’s quickly establishing itself for its design-conscious offerings. Offering a variety of finishes and accents that provide your kitchen with high-end looks without breaking the bank, Cafe is quickly establishing itself as an impressive brand that provides luxurious options at an economical price point.


While custom furniture has long been on trend, affordable custom appliances are beginning to arrive in kitchens as well. Brands like Samsung are responding to this trend by offering Project Prism: an innovative program which allows consumers to personalize the materials, color and designs of their refrigerators.

Customized kitchen appliances add a sense of elegance to a space, heightening its ambiance and increasing resale value. A warming drawer eliminates countertop clutter such as bread pans or coffee makers while other built-in extras such as ice machines and speedcooking ovens can make life simpler for busy households.

Before investing in any colored large appliance, be sure to test its functionality first and compare swatches in your kitchen environment before investing fully in one – such as purchasing a red stove which doesn’t perform optimally could prove expensive in the long run.

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