Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces

When space is limited, a small bathroom can feel claustrophobic. To add visual space and style, you can add storage, but also consider adding wall-mounted shelving. Adding a colorful, boho-style shower curtain, or a vintage cabinet, can transform the look of a small bathroom. To make up for the space, consider a colorful, bohemian rug or bathroom accessories. You can also add boho touches to the bathroom with rattan baskets or woven rugs.

Large graphic prints can add visual impact to small spaces, and also lend a streamlined, linear appearance to your space. Black and white checkerboard tile, for example, extends the narrow design of a small bath. Geometric-patterned tiling and checkerboard-patterned wooden floors are also great ways to add visual interest. For the bathroom, a living wall adds a touch of greenery. Instead of real plants, opt for a wall-mounted miniature version instead. Faux foliage saves surface space and still adds a hint of nature inside.

When choosing colors for your bathroom, keep in mind the overall style of your house. White bathrooms are considered neutral but are also suitable for large spaces. A mirrored cabinet can help keep your bathroom organized. Mirrors also reflect light throughout the room. You can also opt for a bold, colorful wallpaper to add some personality to the small space. However, make sure you get the decorator to use a water-resistant finish when installing the wallpaper. While white walls will create the illusion of space, bright colors and bold patterns will enhance the mood of the entire room.

To add more character to a small bathroom, use sconces and wall lights. These will make the room feel more romantic and relaxing. The decor is often more dramatic when the walls are painted in the same color as the ceiling. You can also try using exotic stone as an accent wall, which will lift the entire scheme. If you can’t afford to splash out on expensive materials, consider opting for a replica of a vintage piece.

Bathroom lighting is another area that needs careful planning. Make sure you choose warm-white bulbs and more than one circuit for proper illumination. In the bathroom, you can change the height of the lights. You can use low-level lights to wash the floor with light and lower-level fittings to cast downwards. Another great idea for a bathroom is ‘Mast Lights’ by Davey Lighting from Original BTC. They are placed just above the skirting level and cast downwards.

If you have the space, a freestanding bath is a great way to create the illusion of an open space. It also frees up wall space for storage and a table. To avoid cluttering a small space, keep your items to a minimum. Avoid adding bulky items as they will only take up valuable floor space, making the room look cramped. It’s best to keep things simple and stylish. It is not a bad idea to install underfloor heating to keep the room warm.